3D Panel Production Line
            3D Panel Production Line
            3D Panel Production Line
            3D Panel Production Line

            3D Panel Production Line

            Brief Introduction
            Flow Chart
            Main Parameters
            3D Panel is a kind of three Dimensional Lightweight Structural panels, consisting of a super-insulated polystyrene core and nettings on both sides. It is an environmentally friendly product. Furthermore, 3D Panel can save construction time while providing greater structural integrity. A prosperous future is surely coming with more and more extensive applications of this green and excellent product.

            Characters of 3D Panel
            1. Investment: Compared with traditional walling materials, 3D Panel reduces building cost largely.
            2. Convenient and fast: Pre-treated 3D Panel dramatically save working time and transportation harges.
            3. Thermal insulation: 3D Panel can reduce energy leakage.
            4. Sound insulation: 3D Panel supplies a cozy living place.
            5. Fireproof: 50mm thickness 3D Panel could endure fire for about 1.5 hours.
            6. Comprehensive functions: Quakeproof and windproof.

            Advantages of Our Production Line
            1. Low defective welding rate, less than 3%.
            2. High production speed, 500 m2per 8 hours.
            3. Wide-range options of steel wires: Specs I: 2.0-2.5mm Specs II: 2.5-3.0mm
            4. Monolayer and double-layer panels are available, according to requirements.
            5. Microcomputer control system: Inching, single-step, automation. The system is convenient, precise, efficient and maintenance-free.
            6. High-quality pneumatic organs and Mitsubishi PLC.

            Workshop Area (L×W) m2 32×12
            Power Source 380V± (5%-10%)
            Installed Power kw 160
            Speed of Diagonal Steel Inserting m2/h 60~70
            Speed of Netting Welding m2 120~140
            Welding Time ms 20~160
            EPS Requirement kg Density: 15±1
            Oxygen Index ≥30%

            Final Products Specification
            Mesh Size mm2 50×50
            Length mm 2400~3000
            Width mm 1220
            Thickness 76~126
            Thickness of EPS Core m2 50~100
            Diagonal Wire Diameter Φ2.0~Φ3.0
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