EPS Production Line
            EPS Production  Line
            EPS Production  Line
            EPS Production  Line

            EPS Production Line

            Brief Introduction
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            Main Parameters
            EPS, Expandable Polystyrene, is a lightweight plastic foam insulation material produced from solid beads of polystyrene. When manufacturing EPS products, tiny beads of polystyrene are expanded and consolidated in the process of steam heating and pressure treatment. When heated, the expanding agent enlarges the beads as much as 50 times, after which they are fused by pressure into huge blocks of EPS or into different shaped products by moulds. These blocks and shaped products bring lots of benefits to the construction and packing industries.
            EPS products can be used not only as insulation material in roofs, walls and ceilings, but also as packaging materials for food, electronic equipments, home appliances etc.

            ITEM UNIT HIM-EPS-2000 HIM-EPS-3000 HIM-EPS-6000
            Capacity (15kg/m3) m3/h 20 30 60
            Block Size m3 2*1.2*1 3*1.2*1 6*1.2*1
            Installed Power kw 90 90 105
            Workshop Area m2 1000 1200 1500

            Remark: All the parameters listed in the form are of standard configuration, we can also supply customized service

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