XPS Insulation Board Production Line
            XPS Insulation Board Production Line
            XPS Insulation Board Production Line
            XPS Insulation Board Production Line

            XPS Insulation Board Production Line

            Brief Introduction
            Flow Chart
            Main Parameters
            What is XPS?

            XPS (extruded polystyrene) insulation board, is a kind of good insulation material, which is a high quality foam product characterized by smooth skin with a closed-cell structure that looks like a mass of uniform bubbles with common walls between them. There are few, if any, voids between the cells, top and bottom skin.

            Features of XPS
            Comparing with other traditional insulation materials, such as EPS, PU and Rock wool, XPS is improved in insulation, moistureproof, compressive strength, durability, convenient installation and low cost.
            As an ideal material, XPS is widely applied to heat preservation and insulation systems, moistureproof and obstruct systems, with promising potential market.


            ITEM UNIT HIM-X-250 HIM-X-500 HIM-X-750
            Extrude system Set 1st Extruder 2nd Extruder 1st Extruder 2nd Extruder 1st Extruder 2nd Extruder
            Screw diameters mm 135 150 75X2 160 75X2 200
            L/D Radio L/D 30:1 33:1 30:1 40:1 30:1 36:1
            Driving Motor Power kw 75 55 75 75 90 90
            Capacity kg/h 250~300 350~450 450~550
            Product Width mm 600 600 600
            Product Thickness mm 20~100 20~100 20~100
            Density kg/m3 33~39 33~39 33~39
            Total Power kw 260 280 350

            The Advantages of Our XPS Line
            1. Economical Investment: The XPS Insulation Board Production Lines from HiSuccess International is of reasonable price with updated technology and high quality. The machinery is much cheaper than the lines with same capacities from Europe. Economical investment is also a kind of important low-carbon economy.
            2. Wide Raw Materials Range: The raw materials can use 100% recycle materials, such as recycled EPS, XPS and GPPS as well as virgin GPPS as raw materials. It can reduce the cost of XPS board very much. The lines from Europe only can use virgin materials. The prices of recycled materials are much cheaper than virgin materials. Our lines are the environment friendly machinery.
            3. Environment Friendly: The machinery can use LPG, butane and/or CO2+Ethanol as foaming agent with updated technology, without harmful to the aerosphere. The processing and products are totally HCFC free and HFC free.
            4. Flexible Capacities: We can adopt twin screws in first extruder, as well as single screw. Different combinations with different diameters and sizes in the first extruder and second extruder, we can get different capacities from 200kg per hour to 600kg per hour. It can fulfill the most of market requirements.
            5. Rich Experience: We have rich experience to produce, install and operate XPS Production Line since 1998. The long list reference all over the world is the guarantee to provide qualified and excellent service to our clients in manufacturing, installation, commissioning, test production, training and after service.
            6. Quality Certificates: The machinery has gotten the certificates from international inspecting organizations, such as CCC, CE, ASME, GOST and so on.

            Comparison of Main Insulation Materials
            XPS EPS PU Rock Wool
            [w/( m·K)]
            At the beginning 0.030 0.041 0.02 0.044
            After three years ≤0.04 ≥0.06 ≥0.06 ≥0.06
            When dry 350 80 165
            After watering 350 60 110
            Tensile strength (Kpa/m2) ≥300 ≥65
            Density (kg/m3) 32~39 25~28 25~30 150~200
            At the beginning ≤0.76 ≤8 ≤6 ≤5
            After three years ≤1 ≥40 ≥40 ≥40
            Thickness(mm) 25 38 21
            Volume stability Good Good Good Good
            Combustibility B2 B1 Noncombustible
            Direct use Easy Easy Easy Difficult
            Raw material 100% new material~
            100% recycle material
            100% new
            100% new
            100% new
            Cost Low Middle High Middle
            Production process Easy Easy Complex Complex,
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